About us

Axclusif is a fashion concept from Tabitha and Kim, 2 friends sharing the same passion.
From this passion the idea came to start a webshop together. Not a standard webshop, but one with multiple future dreams, or should we say: life goals.

To make endless combinations, create pictures, sharing our ideas with others and inspire people.

On Axclusif.com we will sell original, unique and comfortable clothing to pull out children and their parents from their comfort zone.

Who are you?
What do you like?
What do you really like?

Please try to discover this for you and your child while searching on Axclusif. Each child is different. With your style and especially with the combinations we offer you can really show this.

The brands we sell are exclusive, affordable and hip. Some of our brands are only available in a few shops in Holland. Our items can be combined endless for both, boys and girls. Therefore you will see on the website a lot of items worn by tough girls and boys.

Are you curious to see what our kids wear?
Follow kim on Instagram @xavi.charlie.and.me

Chase your dreams … be Axclusif!

Kim & Tabitha